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Free Africa has been carrying out projects in North West Africa since 2004.

For us, international cooperation means promoting development starting from the needs and requirements of the local populations in which we operate .

To succeed in this objective, Free Africa Italy has set up the respective offices of Free Africa Ghana and Free Africa of the Ivory Coast made up of local collaborators with whom we are in contact every day.

In 2005 we built the first well in Busunya in Ghana, 20 km from Nkoranza, which is still in operation today.

In 2006 we started the project "A notebook for Africa" which consists in making the pupils of the schools of the four municipalities of the Terre d'Argine Union aware of the problems of their peers in African schools and to help them together by sending them school materials .

Currently, the projects managed have an international value and embrace the following sectors:  health, work, education and access to drinking water. 







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  • Zongo Health Center in Nkoranza in Ghana at the Africa Libera headquarters which houses a family clinic, a mobile clinic, a maternity ward and an ophthalmology ward

  • Integrated Health Center of Guiglo-Zagna in Bangolo in the Ivory Coast currently being completed, will be inaugurated by 2021

  • In collaboration with the AUSL of Modena, Africa Libera sent hospital furnishings and anti Covid-19 materials to the new hospital in Busunya which houses an outpatient clinic, an operating room and 40-50 beds and to Santa Theresa's Hospital in Nkoranza in Ghana

  • We have built offices and clinics at the Dormaa Clinic in Ghana and since 2016 we have activated the Techiman Clinic in Ghana and the delivery room it houses.

  • Project "A School for ... Living" which involved the construction of a mechanical workshop immediately active with thirteen employees, and of a carpentry in Nkoranza in Ghana in 2007 with related courses in 2009

  • In 2013 we built the first mechanical workshop in the Nkoranza craft center

  • In 2014 Africa Libera begins to build the Youth Training Center in Busunya in Ghana which, in addition to hosting a carpentry, a tailor's shop and a metal carpentry, deals with activities such as the production of honey following the "Bee Happy" project promoted in 2017 ; breeding of farmyard animals; family farming of vegetables and cereals. The center also manages in its area a well financed by the Friuli Venezia Gulia Region (Pordenone) which, even after the enclosure of the downtown area, will remain accessible to neighbors who currently use it for free.

  • Africa Libera in collaboration with the Municipalities of Modena and Soliera built in 2007 the school center in the city of Busunya , with four classrooms, a teachers' office and toilets.

  • Ankrankwanta Kindergarten   ended in 2013

  • With the project "The Culture of the Other runs on the web" contacts have been established between the High Schools of Carpi and the schools of Nkoranza and Busunya in Ghana

  • The new Guyiglo-Zagna school center is nearing completion  in Costa D'Avorio

  • We promote activities and projects with elementary, middle and high schools in the Modena province, to sensitize young people to the development of voluntary work 


Free Africa has built 17 wells of which:

  • 4 wells in the Ivory Coast near schools and villages

  • 13 wells in Ghana near schools and villages

  • We are members of Acqua Bene Comune which promotes the defense of water as a common and public good.

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