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Health Project - Zongo free Africa clinic and maternity care

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Youth Training Centers Project in Busunya and Nkoranza


Kindergarten project in Busunya and Ankranwwanta

A health center was built at the Africa Libera headquarters in Nkoranza, offering maternity, outpatient, counseling and prevention services against infectious diseases, becoming a point of reference for the community.

Free Africa has founded in the town of Busunya a center for job training for young people who do not have access to secondary education with the aim of reducing early school leaving. The boys and girls who attend the center can train in the sectors of carpentry, beekeeping, agriculture and livestock . 

A metal carpentry workshop was built in Nkoranza and is still managed by a cooperative of 13 young people.

Preschools have been built in Busunya and Ankrankwanta to allow children to go to school, to educate themselves and socialize, and to offer educational support to women allowing them to devote time to work.

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Bee-Happy Project

The project consists of the production and processing of honey in the Busunya Training Center. The goal is to develop local entrepreneurial activities, limiting poverty, emigration and hunger. The activity is also compatible with the development of local agriculture, thanks to the fundamental role played by bees for the benefit of the environment.

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