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At the beginning of 2000, following requests from the Ghanaian immigrant communities in the province of Modena, a group of willing people made every effort to offer them hospitality, assistance and support in their search for work. 

In the following years, relations between Italy and Africa   became more and more intense, in particular with the city of Nkoranza in the Brong-Ahafo Region in Ghana where, to help populations in conditions of hardship, they were sent containers with donations for hospitals, schools, orphanages.

Africa Libera was born in Carpi in 2004, the Africa Libera association which still today carries out international cooperation activities in Ghana and Ivory Coast . 

The main sectors of intervention are: education, health, work and access to drinking water. The association also deals with youth training, distance support and responsible tourism.

It also works in the Emilia-Romagna region to promote volunteering, the recognition of universal rights and a sustainable environment.

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Free Africa dreams of a better future for all where universal rights and constitutional principles are the basis of a more equitable and supportive society, putting an end to exploitation, reducing inequalities, and activating with other associations to mobilize large international organizations such as G7, G8 and UN.,

For this we are committed to promoting equality and social justice, and to sensitize the new generations to volunteering, to spread values such as altruism, solidarity, integration and peace in the world.

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