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Bangolo Multipurpose Center Project - Health, School and Hospitality

SMART project organic agriculture production

LIFE project

Transformation and marketing of organic agricultural products

The project involves the construction of the multipurpose center in the village of Giuglo-Zagna in Bangolo including a room that serves as the headquarters of Africa Libera in the Ivory Coast, a room dedicated to health care and a kindergarten and a primary school.

It consists in raising awareness and implementing the culture of organic and sustainable agriculture in the local community to help women in particular, often victims of violence, to find work and enter agricultural cooperatives from which they can draw the resources of their livelihood.

It consists of an extension of the Smart project, and in particular provides for the storage, transformation, packaging and organic labeling of agricultural products to be used for marketing on local markets.

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Clean water project in Kobregnoa

The project involves the construction of a well in the village of Kobregnoa to allow the population to access clean and drinkable water in order to improve the living conditions of the inhabitants, especially children, with the aim of reducing the high infant mortality that characterizes many villages in the country.

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